The ACTS Conference, now 21 years young, will continue it’s long standing tradition of bringing champions from campus communities across Australasia and the Pacific together to share and inspire transformative actions toward a sustainable future for people and planet.

As a sector our potential to not just solve for challenges of today, but to regenerate for a truly sustainable future, is limitless. We explore this potential through across four days of conference programming, with a particular focus on leading through transformational governance and values, innovating, educating and enabling for change, and raising the voices of indigenous peoples that have nurtured our lands and waters for thousands of generations.

Virtual program outline

Day 1

Thursday 2 November

Progress & Innovation: A day of networking, motivation and celebration

ACTS Conference: Day 1
7.30AM AWST | 9.30AM AEST | 10.30AM AEDT | 12.30PM NZST
Opening Remarks
Triumphs and Transformations: Celebrating sustainability achievements across campus networks
2023 Green Gown Awards Australasia
Awards ceremony

Day 2

Wednesday 8 November

Leading the Transition: What is the Future of Sustainability?

ACTS Conference: Day 2
7.30AM AWST | 9.30AM AEST | 10.30AM AEDT | 12.30PM NZST
ACTS Welcome & Opening Plenary: Leadership Panel
Speakers announced soon!
Break (20mins)
9.00AM AWST | 11.00AM AEST | 12.00PM AEDT | 2.00PM NZST
STREAM A: Embedding sustainability in strategy and beyond STREAM B: Engaging with the Sustainable Development Goals
Embedding Sustainability In All That We Do Global Goals month at UTS – campus-wide engagement on the SDGs
Strategy & Beyond – Implementation, Lessons and Impact Sparking action on the Sustainable Development Goals
Break (30mins)
10.30AM AWST | 12.30PM AEST | 1.30PM AEDT AEDT | 3.30PM NZST
STREAM A: Panel STREAM B: Roundtable STREAM C: Next Generation Leaders
Incorporating Indigenous voices and perspectives into sustainability work Beyond Offsets: How Universities Tackle Scope 3 Tētēkura: students leading change
Student Sustainability Governance
11.30AM AWST | 1.30PM AEST | 2.30PM AEDT AEDT | 4.30PM NZST
Day 2 concludes

Day 3

Tuesday 14 November

Transformational Campuses: Adaptive management for holistic sustainability

ACTS Conference: Day 3
7.30AM AWST | 9.30AM AEST | 10.30AM AEDT | 12.30PM NZST
Leadership Panel – Precincts of the Future
Speakers announced soon!
Break (20mins)
9.00AM AWST | 11.00AM AEST | 12.00PM AEDT | 2.00PM NZST
STREAM A: Circular by design: Strategies for waste minimisation STREAM B: Embedding sustainability into curriculum
Creating a just and circular economy by choosing to Reuse! Embedding the SDGs into the curriculum
Changing behaviour to improve UQ’s landfill Diversion rate
The Reusable Revolution – diverting waste from landfill through reusables
Break (30mins)
10.30AM AWST | 12.30PM AEST | 1.30PM AEDT | 3.30PM NZST
STREAM A: Next Generation Leaders STREAM B: Campus transformations for a Nature Positive future
Student Chats: Engaging Minds, Igniting Change, Empowering Sustainability Protecting biodiversity through strategy: Healthy Ecosystems Management Plan
Student leaders driving positive change
Frameworks For Emerging Sustainability Leaders
11.30AM AWST | 1.30PM AEST | 2.30PM AEDT | 4.30PM NZST
Day 3 concludes

Day 4

Thursday 16 November

Carbon & Climate: From mitigation to adaptation

ACTS Conference: Day 4
7.00AM AWST | 9.30AM AEST | 10.00AM AEDT | 12.00PM NZST
ACTS Welcome
Break (5 mins)
7.15AM AWST | 9.15AM AEST | 10.15AM AEDT | 12.15PM NZST
STREAM A: Interactive webinar STREAM B: Panel
Sector-wide climate adaptation planning Activating International to contribute to your sustainability goals with the new Climate Action Barometer for international education.
Break (15 mins)
8.30AM AWST | 10.30AM AEST | 11.30AM AEDT | 1.30PM NZST
STREAM A: Changing lanes: approaching sustainable travel STREAM B: Interactive webinar
Changing lanes: innovating transport and travel Through the eyes of frequent flyers: Exploring high impact opportunities for academic air travel reduction programs.
Break (30 mins)
10.00AM AWST | 12.00PM AEST | 1.00PM AEDT | 3.00PM NZST
STREAM A: Achieving carbon targets STREAM B: Achieving carbon targets
Carbon Credibility: Principles for Carbon Offsets and Removals Campus electrification: Is this our best path for decarbonising?
Carbon reduction in development projects Labs2Zero: Accelerating the Global Transition to Net Zero Carbon Laboratories
Break (10 mins)
11.10AM AWST | 1.10PM AEST | 2.10PM AEDT | 4.10PM NZST
ACTS Conference wrap session
Conference concludes

Thank you for supporting the conference

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