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Dunedin, New Zealand’s most beautiful city, is home to the University of Otago and the Otago Polytechnic – the hosts for the 2019 ACTS Conference.

University of Otago
Otago Polytechnic
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University of Otago

The University of Otago is distinguished as New Zealand’s first university and, in 2019, will mark its 150th anniversary, an important milestone for the University, Dunedin and New Zealand.

The Dunedin campus is located close to the city centre and is surrounded by student housing. The vast majority of courses are offered at their Dunedin campus, including the only dental school in the country.

The University of Otago was established in 1869 with great vision and foresight by those who believed that education and learning would help build a just and prosperous community. They set about creating a world-class educational environment suited to life in New Zealand: in July 1871 the first students were accepted – 81 in total, taught by three professors.

Today, the University has around 20,000 students, employs more than 3,800 staff, and is a significant educational, economic and cultural force. It has over 150,000 former students and enjoys a global reputation for outstanding research and teaching.

Otago’s motto sapere aude – “dare to be wise” – is as relevant now as it was when the University was founded.

The location of the ACTS Conference will be held at the St David Complex which is located in the north-west region of the University of Otago’s Dunedin campus, on the corner of St David and Cumberland Streets. The St David Complex accommodates seven teaching spaces: one lecture theatre and six seminar rooms.

University of Otago
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Otago Polytechnic

Otago Polytechnic is proud to be a leader in high quality, career-focused education with some of the best student achievement and satisfaction results in New Zealand.

Employers love our graduates because they are work-ready, confident and solution-focused. We believe our people make a better world and our alumni are global citizens who care about making a difference. We have been given the highest possible quality ratings from the Government and, as educators, we offer innovative ways for our learners to study so they can build their capability and realise their potential.

With online tools, blended delivery options and pathways from foundation through to postgraduate, time, distance and previous learning are no barriers to gaining the education you want.

Our Vision | Tō Mātou Matawhānui

Our people make a better world. 
‘Kia tū ki te tahi’

Our Mission | Tō Mātou Whakataka

Build capability, Realise potential.

We build the capabilities of individuals, organisations and communities and help them to realise their potential. Our people are our learners, our staff, and the organisations and communities which we serve. We build the capability of our people so that they have the skills, knowledge, aspiration and confidence to make a better world through positive impacts on families, organisations and communities, nationally and globally.

Our Values | Tō Mātou Uara

Otago Polytechnic

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