The ACTS Conference is Australasia’s longest running sustainability event developed for the sector, by the sector.

The annual ACTS Conference is the longest running sustainability event developed by the sector, for the sector. In 2020 we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the conference and its continued success as a platform for collaborative learning, transformative thinking and networking for sustainability practitioners, educators, researchers, students and cross-sector partners.

This year the conference returns to the beautiful city of Hobart to be hosted by the University of Tasmania on the 18 – 20 November 2020. The 3 day program will feature a wide range of learning and knowledge sharing opportunities: plenary sessions; inspirational case study presentations; site tours, and; facilitated networking events.

The event attracts participants from all areas of campus life that are engaged in sustainable initiatives, such as:

  • Senior Directors and managers

  • Environmental and sustainability practitioners

  • Energy, procurement, transport and waste professionals

  • Engagement professionals

  • Academics, researchers and lecturers

  • Students and student leaders

  • Government and NGO representatives

  • Sector support and NFP representatives

  • Vendors and consultants

Climate Action Now!

There is no denying it. We are in the midst of a climate crisis, which is accelerating faster than most scientists anticipated. As greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise and disrupt the planet’s natural systems, the climate is changing at unprecedented rates and we are experiencing the impacts firsthand; extreme temperatures, longer drought, intensifying bushfires, dying coral reefs and much more. This is the reality of anthropogenic climate change and the future we will pass on to generations to come.

There are positive steps being taken to decarbonise our economy, fast-track sustainable technology and innovations, and convert high-polluting industries. But we need more ambitious plans and immediate action to transform global society in order to mitigate climate change, stem the wave of mass extinctions, and create a just and equitable future for all.

Every element of society has a vital part to play – educational institutions included. It is our responsibility as educators, researchers and community leaders to champion sustainable development and shape a motivated generation of citizens with the knowledge, capabilities and skills to overcome the critical environmental, economic and socio-political challenges we face. We must continue to collaborate and build capacity throughout all sectors in order to foster greater awareness and inspire wide-spread action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And most importantly of all, we must do this NOW.

The ACTS Conference 2020: Climate Action Now will provide the opportunity for practitioners, students and cross-sector partners working in all areas of sustainability to foster collaborative learning and exchange ideas on climate action and sustainable development. Working together, we can strengthen our contributions towards real and meaningful solutions for a better world.

The ACTS Conference Committee is now inviting proposal submissions for sessions from an academic, operational and student perspective on the conference theme.

Presenters are invited to explore the biggest issues facing campuses today as part of their proposal submission:

  • Are the SDGs an overarching institution vision or an underpinning to support a holistic view of sustainability?

  • How do campuses utilise students as a driving force for sustainability, whilst managing their expectations for institutions to be politically driven on climate issues?

  • What does serious structural and process change for a climate resilient campus look like?

  • How do we rapidly decarbonise?

  • How do we tackle travel emissions as globally connected campuses?

  • How are campuses planning to adapt to the impacts of climate change?

  • What role does circular economy play to rethink the way we procure?

  • How do we overcome sustainable procurement challenges with a constant stream of new and emerging greenwashed “solutions” (would you like a recycled coffee cup with that?).

  • How do institutions ensure that sustainable campuses are truly just and equitable?

  • Do recent events, such as the devasting Australian bushfires, move the business case for climate action firmly towards risk mitigation and insurance cost reduction?

ACTS Conference 2020: Goals

This year the conference will explore the delivery of selected online sessions, providing delegates the opportunity to participate in a virtual, low carbon capacity. The focus for all sessions, regardless of delivery method, is to actively engage attendees in interactive learning relevant to the conference theme – Climate Action Now.

The Conference Committee will be asking the following questions when reviewing proposal submissions: 

  • Does the session relate to the conference theme – Climate Action Now?
  • Will the session deliver high-quality, participatory and interactive content in a professional manner?
  • Will the session inspire, motivate and empower attendees?
  • Will attendees have the opportunity to develop new skills to help create meaningful change at their own institution or organisation?
  • Are presented learnings, tools and ideas replicable?

Learn from others face to face and share your own knowledge. Leverage off the expertise and experience of those in the education sector with access to campus practices – all in one place, at one time.